Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My works of Art!!

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Inpirational artists!

Jim Lee

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Michael Turner

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J.Scott Campbell


Color still Life

This was a class project using pastels or whatever color medium we had at out disposal. I choose this piece simply because, to me i enjoyed this somewhat boring composition, due to its raw framework. I found it challenging, cosidering i dont really ever work in color, only when im required to. Although, it was nice to step out my comfort zone and trying something new. I forgot name of the pastels i used, but they weren that great, perhaps low grade would better describe them. Giving the colors a more muddier look, than a richness of pigment. Whatever the outcome, it was fun, new, and always nice to review the basic fundamentals of color.

Genre Of Choice: Greaser

This was an assignment in the theme of our choosing. I chose greaser considering ive always loved the idea of the slick hair and the cool rebel looks, like that of the Iconic James Dean. For the mood i tried to grasp the grimy character of the male figure and wanted to capture a helpless female figure holding onto a very unemotional character. Although somewhat succesful, this piece still needs a lot of work to push that idea in mind. The compostion was purely something out of a poster that i would often see in movies, such as Rebel without a Cause and or West Side Story. I placed a border aroudn the characters as to play off that poster aspect and add a page break to add more of a dynamic feel to the piece, not to mention my first car drawing ever. I used a 4h drafting pencil, Prismacolor Pencils, a ruler and a rubbermaid eraser. As far as color, im stilla novice in them, as color is something thats really difficult for me to grasp. But the more i prctice, the better i get!


This project was definitly a challenge for me. Considering the use of the black paper, made me put my created cap on and think! So i decided to use a favorite medium of mine, white-out! I used a correction pen for the graffiti on the wall to give it a more urban feel and using it for more of popping feel, as the white clearly jumps off the page. Compistionally, i tried to capture a feeling of just how far the world of an urban lifestlye was compared to a metropolitan way of living. So by doing that i put a brick wall in the foreground and added cracks to allow give this feeling of distance and mystery of what lay behind in the foreground. I drew the city scape in pencil and oulined in some parts to seems as if the lights of the city, illuminated the sky! This was a challegning piece, because it had my eyes extremely exhausted after drawing on black paper for so long, kinda go cross eyed. Otherwise there are somethings i could definetly do more to push this piece even further, but i am pleased of the outcome nonetheless.

Mixed Media

The purpose of this project was to use a variety of media to convey a kitsch, gothic, fatasti theme based drawing. The objects of choice were drawn from a cup given to us by out professor and the rest depended on our ingenuity of the subject. I found this project to be fun, as quite literally played off the aspects of the objects per say instead of more the idea and generated a sort of dark story from it. I used a 4h drawing penicl, markers and gray tones, but due to unfortunate events, i ran out of gray tones and stuck primarily with the marker and pencil. The perspective on the chair couldve been better excuted, but for the way it came off, i was pleased. I definitly could have spent more time rendering the character and of course, sry Laura.. should have inked... epic fail. Working this small as well made me feel a bit constrained, and made the elements within thie piece, unbalanced and fighting one another. However i do like my little mean skull at the bottom on the frame, gives an intresting look to piece.


Hmmm, well lets see... this piece was definetly a challange. Ive always been a huge perfectionist, especially coming to anatomy to my characters that i draw, so i was a more self-conscious about the female than anything. Hence why i didnt really do to much inking on the figure. I used cool gray markers for the orb/scientific background to give it that theme. Umm this piece was alot of pencil work as i tried valiantly to render the tubes to and from the woman into the supposed holes in the background. I found it extremely difficult to render metal, located around her pelvis region. That something i need to practice whole heartedly. Despite the things i can go on about, i really enjoyed the creation of this project and theme. I wish my skill was more advanced in drawing, because if it was i would do whole lot more to this!


......... Very exhausting. Ive never spent this much time on one piece of work in my life, nor will i ever in the hopes i can work smarter and not harder. For this piece of worl i used a range of ink gradients of gray scales, cool grey markers of different scales, pencil, ruler, correction pen and a whole lot of water! I am pleased as to how the finish piece looked. This was a great lesson in 3 point perspective and help better my foundation for it, for future projects. Not much to be said on this one, other than it plays off a post-apocalyptic setting, mostly in ruins and absent of life. I coud have did a close seemingly more drmatic scence with a lot mor action. But instead i chose to do wide shot to show the devastation caused by whatever doomsday event, and show just how immense it was. So yeah.... the rest is pretty much viewable and cant say enough about it!